Talking about duties at Bilanci d'acciaio


Our CEO, Rinaldo Baldi, attended as protagonist the round table organized by Siderweb on Nov. 10, on the presentation of the eighth edition of “Bilanci d'Acciaio”.

The debate focused on two hot topics: trade defenses and the granting of market economy status to China.
Rinaldo Baldi has claimed the need for "a reactive European steel industry to protect the production chain.” Stating that although "the current ondition that has been created is difficult to sustain, we cannot forget that trade protection actions may create a domino effect." The duties on Chinese-origin steel products, for instance, have actually "generated an increase in prices in Europe due to a contraction of real or feared supply, but the same price-rise trend also occurred in China, with price increases in the order of 30-40%." A demonstration of how "the Chinese dynamics are sized to generate impacts all over the world."
Among those present at the discussion, the special commissioner of Ilva, Enrico Laghi, representing the steel users, Francesco Rondinelli, EMEA Head of Purchasing CNH Industrial, from the financial sector Maurizio Faroni, General Manager of Banco Popolare, and Ernesto De Martinis, CEO of Coface Italy.

source: Siderweb