Health and Safety first

The wellbeing of our employees is our priority. We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, their families and future generations.
This is why we consider health and safety to be the most important company value. To safeguard and develop health and safety culture the company is dedicated to achieving a status of zero accidents.

The Health and Safety programme

There is a particularly articulated training system involving all our human resources:

  • A monthly level I Safety Committee.
  • A weekly Level II Safety Committee.
  • Basic training for all personnel.
  • The use of personal protective equipment.
  • “5 minutes for safety” every day at the beginning of each shift.
  • OHSA programmed inspections.
  • Annual Health and Safety days at all sites.


The project involves:

  • Scheduled and extraordinary maintenance of all equipment.
  • Crosschecks between workers at various sites.

Health and Safety Day

To maintain and strengthen the importance of Health and Safety culture among our employees, every year Safety Days are organised in each plant, possibly in conjunction with the World Health and Safety Day on April 28th.

Osimo & Rieti | Day of Safety and Health at Work 2019

Arcore, Monza & Delna | Day of Safety and Health at Work 2018
Marcon & Udine | Day of Safety and Health at Work 2018
Osimo & Rieti | Day of Safety and Health at Work 2018
Caselette-Alpignano & Tamagnone | Day of Safety and Health at Work 2018  
Fontanellato, Granarolo & Graffignana | Day of Safety and Health at Work 2018



The sites of Atella, Caselette-Alpignano, Marcon, Monza, Osimo, and Rieti are certified according the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard norm.

Certificate No. 191366-2015-AHSO-ITA-RvA

The standard certifies the voluntary application of a system that ensures an adequate control regarding the Safety and Health of Workers, complying with the mandatory standards as well.