Archbishop of Torino visited our Caselette plant


On 8 May 2018, archbishop Cesare Nosiglia paid a visit to our ArcelorMittal CLN Group headquarters and production site in Caselette.
The visit was a favorable opportunity to stop production while workers, managers, owners and employees shared precious moments of reflection. Work and dignity, safety and environment were discussed as well as the importance of economic stability to realize personal dreams, expectations and ambitions.
«An individual’s work and dignity are inseparable», Mr. Viganò said in his opening speech, «because these two words together ensure harmony and serenity to all people and to the society we live in».
While Mr. Leggio underlined how «safety is a central element of our labor policy. We are committed to a "Zero Accidents" culture so that any employee entering the factory is sure to be in a safe place that is like a second home».
Pietro Carbone, a worker for more than 20 years, told his story: «I started here when I was really young», he said, «and thanks to this job I succeeded, I bought a house and I have a family. Nowadays I feel I belong to something big and I’m proud to contribute to the realization of such an important project». Damdindorj Nasanbat, a worker coming from Mongolia, said he found not only a salary in our Caselette plant, he also found a path to follow leading to integration and social inclusion.
In his final speech, the Archbishop reminded  us of the importance of «social and company responsibility», and the ability of companies to keep a strong bond with its surrounding territory. «Following Embraco and Italiaonline disputes», Archbishop Nosiglia  reminded, «having a local ownership is evidently becoming more and more important. «Nowadays, unfortunately, things don’t always work that way, and this aspect may sometimes damage the idea of a free, creative and emancipated job».

To stop even just for a moment and think about the key-factors of work today represented a strong moment of unity for our Caselette employees.


source: published declarations are taken by the weekly magazine "La voce e il tempo", issue no. 19 of 13 May 2018