Tolerances and tests


The quality of the raw material, combined with utmost precision in the flattening and cutting lines to the efficiency of our control systems and to the constant upgrading of the machinery and systems makes it possible to have restricted dimensional tolerances, much closer to the customer’s actual requirements compared to those set by the standard rules.

Strip tolerances in cut material start from 0.2 mm


Our laboratories are equipped and certified for most of the testing operations: chemical testing, structure testing of materials and coatings, main mechanical testing.

They run tests on the products and issue technical documents related to the materials specifications.

All items are constantly checked during the production process to guarantee product identification and traceability.
Our processes are subject to formalized checks between the various phases to constantly ensure the quality of our products.


There are all kinds of packaging solutions to ensure the protection of processed material considering whatever means of transport and whatever type of handling and unloading, including ocean freight transportation.
Custom-made platforms are available.