ArcelorMittal CLN at Osimo: a visible sign in the territory in which we operate


The public water home in Osimo (AN) was inaugurated last 17 October, in the presence of the Mayor and the entire City Council.

The system, that delivers still and sparkling water to the citizens of Osimo, in exchange for a subscription service at a modest cost, was made possible thanks to the donation of ArcelorMittal CLN, that has its own production site in the same Municipality.

The initiative is part of the many activities that the company pursues within the plants, just the same with impact on the surrounding areas and local communities, as to limit its environmental impact, reducing, for example, consumption and promoting the proper use of natural resources, limiting waste. Water as well.

From this perspective, the distribution of water bottles to the school children of Osimo by the municipality would be worthwhile: less plastic bottles and lower transportation and disposal costs. Little everyday actions that make a big difference.