Atella 2017 | Day of Health and Safety at Work


The Atella plant has celebrated the yearly Day of Health and Safety at Work on September 28.
The training day, which has as 2017 slogan for the Group's Day of Health and Safety at Work "Pensa sicuro. Agisci sicuro." (Think safe. Act safe), focused on the primary role of workers in acting in first place in assuming responsibility of theirs and other workers' safety. This was also witnessed by the special video where the main characters were the workers themselves.

With our constant attention to social topics, during the same day the AIPD (Associazione Italiana Persone Down) Association's activiities were illustrated by very welcome guests, some teens with the Down's syndrome. This also meant for us the opportunity to celebrate few days in advance the National Day of People with Down's Syndrome, which took place on October 8th.

Safety is close to our heart!