Atella: the stamping activity takes shape


At our Atella Service Center, the beginning of 2018 saw the completion of the ambitious production project dedicated to the cold stamping of metal components for the automotive sector.

Our goal is to integrate the service offered until now, completing the range. Thanks to the investments, which are now being implemented, the stamping activity has been started by installing a 1250 tons press, already operational. 

The core of the activity lies in the extremely precise mechanics, composed of fixed and mobile parts. The components cut the material interposed between the dies with centesimal precision. The parts produced in the new department are mostly cut components - door frames and reinforcement of the central pillar to name a few - in steel and aluminium, for the Italian automotive industry. Yet, the components range is constantly increasing.

The Atella plant is thus a candidate to become a point of reference for central and southern Italy.