First post-earthquake reconstruction at Accumoli sponsored by ArcelorMittal CLN


ArcelorMittal CLN has offered Rieti's CNA a prefabricated sustainable and anti-seismic building in steel and lime-hemp, which made possible for the only food store - destroyed by the quake - to reopen at Grisciano – Accumoli. Actually, we have not performed alone. Our partners helped us: Scaffsystem, for the building of the structural parts, and Pedone Working for cladding, coverings, installation and assembly. We have supplied Magnelis®-coated hot-laminated structural plates.
The result is a prefabricated tiny house with a pleasant and neat look. It is very well integrated in the green surroundings especially thanks to its sustainability: all materials are 100% recyclable and the building is energy-efficient according to European Union 2020 legislation.
Furthermore, the HI-LOW building project, designed by Pedone Working, is absolutely effective since it allows to set up the whole kit of different components directly on site and in a few weeks. That is to say the ideal solution for post-earthquake reconstruction.

The Grisciano structure has also a strong symbolic meaning since it is the first reconstruction of a collapsed building due to the quake of August 24, 2016 in the Accumoli and Amatrice areas. Rieti's CNA has decided to assign it to Ms. Agata Fidanza, who managed the only existing food store in the village, completely destroyed by tremors.

The official shop inauguration ceremony took place on June 12, 2017 at the presence of the municipal, religious and military authorities.  However, for our enthusiastic partners - our customer Scaffsystem and Pedone Working -,  and for us, the greatest satisfaction was offered by witnessing Ms. Agata's smiles and happiness in reopening her shop.

Steel - besides being strong, resistant and quick-to-install - can be, like in this case, also good.


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