Fontanellato - Granarolo 2017 | Day of Health and Safety at Work


With Fontanellato and Granarolo plants, the 2017 edition of our Days of Health and Safety at Work closed on October 27.
The training day, which has as 2017 slogan for the Group's Day of Health and Safety at Work "Pensa sicuro. Agisci sicuro." (Think safe. Act safe), focused on the primary role of workers in acting in first place in assuming responsibility of theirs and other workers' safety, on how much has been done about safety in these years and on the risks associated with maintenance and use of mobile phone.
External experts have been addressing issues such as food safety, hearing protection, and the help of technology applied to forklifts.

The Day took place at the charming Labirinto della Masone by Franco Maria Ricci, which is not only the world's largest labyrinth, but also a prestigious venue for art exhibitions.

Safety is close to our heart!