KilometroVerdeParma projects


Always aiming at sustainability, ArcelorMittal CLN contributed to the projects of the KilometroVerdeParma Forestry Consortium: the Schools WeTree project and the Forestry project in the city of Parma and the province .

The WeTree project, designed for schools of all levels, aims to raise awareness and inform students about the importance and value of perennial forests and urban greenery for the community.

The Forestry interventions were designed for the redevelopment of urban and extra-urban areas throughout the Parma area, creating value for the communities, livable spaces and socialization; contributing to climate mitigation and decarbonisation; protecting biodiversity.

KilometroVerdeParma has recently published official data relating to WeTree. At the end of the 2021/22 school year, the result is positive, despite the complication represented by the health emergency from Covid-19: 163 hours of lectures, 124 classes and more than 3,000 students involved, 885 trees planted and 15 exits organized teaching.