Centro Servizi Navali is born, a joint venture between ArcelorMittal CLN, Fincantieri and Palescandolo


ArcelorMittal CLN Distribuzione Italia, Fincantieri and Palescandolo Lavorazioni Siderurgiche have joined forces to create a joint venture “Centro Servizi Navali SpA", a company specializing in logistics and production for the sheet metal fleet of Fincantieri plants in Monfalcone and Marghera.
The joint venture currently employs about 19 people and carries out its activities at the industrial site originally of ArcelorMittal CLN Distribuzione Italia in San Giorgio of Nogaro (Udine), appropriately reconverted and transferred to the joint venture itself.

To ensure the success of such a well-built collaboration and benefit from the experience provided by each partner, the agreements establish that the management of the company is jointly of ArcelorMittal CLN and Palescandolo, the major shareholders, while Fincantieri, the minor shareholder will also add its valuable experience and guarantee an ever-growing workload through a long-term contract for the management of logistics of its sheet metal fleet and for some processes connected to it.  

For Fincantieri, the agreement is part of the strategy of outsourcing a part of the work to allow, without jeopardizing the company's know-how, to recover spaces in Monfalcone and Marghera shipyards necessary to carry out the activities related to the greater workload coming from the record level of acquired orders.