Our Alpignano plant as environmentally-friendly example on TV


Our plant in Alpignano was a key player on the Rai, TG Leonardo news programme, (from 13:15) last March 16.

In dealing with problems related to air pollution, mainly due to the heating of buildings, the on-site-emission-free hydrothermal pump recently installed in Alpignano was taken as a positive and progressive example.
The pump, which provides heating during wintertime, cooling in summertime and provides water for sanitary use, withdraws the water from the ground at 12°C, returning it to the environment with exactly the same chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics, but only with a few degrees less in temperature.
Exploiting a thermodynamic cycle no type of combustion occurs and this is a benefit, compared to a traditional heating system, contributing to a significant reduction of emissions into the atmosphere equal to 47 tons of carbon dioxide and 32 kg of nitrogen oxides per year.

The advantages are in terms of raw material and operating costs but, are above all, advantageous for the environment. 


Watch the TV programme (starting from 13:15)