Our plates on show at Torino's Salone dell'Auto 2017


From June 7 to 11 the third edition of the Salone dell'Auto, the first plein air European car show is taking place in Torino. Along the boulevards of the urban Park of Valentino, carmakers are showing their latest models and previews, and car designers are unveiling new prototypes and concept cars. 

The over 50 automotive brands  on show at the 2017 Torino Car Show are displaying their vehicles on a platform which is proudly connected to us. All the exhibiting floors, built by Multicom Events of San Mauro Torinese, are in fact made of our pickled plates.

With a very elegant touch.


The Car Show is open daily from 10am to 12pm with free admission. 800,000 visitors from all over Italy are expected.

photo credits: omniauto.it