Safety Day | 2018 | Marcon - Udine


The 2018 edition of the Health and Safety Day is actually transversal. 

On May 23, at Mogliano in the charming Villa Braida, the yearly edition of the training and awareness-raising day took place; it was addressed to the employees of the Marcon and San Giorgio di Nogaro plants, together with the employees of the ITLA Bonaiti plant of Mogliano. Among the topics, in view of this forthcoming summer period, the programme dealt with shared surveillance, mountain safety as well as food safety. Moreover, it stressed fact that you can work for a lifetime with no accidents: two workers of the Marcon plant retired after 30 years without any working accidents. This is a great record to celebrate!

The Group's slogan for the 2018 safety training days - "Safety Chain. Più insieme più sicuri (The more Together the Safer)" - ideally and physically united the different industrial identities of ArcelorMittal CLN and CLN Group, here represented by the colleagues of ITLA Bonaiti. Together, and always safely.

Safety is close to our heart!