Safety Day | 2018 | Osimo - Rieti


The third stop of the 2018 edition of the Health and Safety Day is on the road, hosted by the MA plant in Cassino. Here, on June 12, the yearly edition of the training and awareness-raising day took place, addressed to the employees of the Osimo and Rieti plants, together with the employees of the MA plant of Cassino.

The Group's slogan for the 2018 safety training days - "Safety Chain. Più insieme più sicuri (The more Together the Safer)" - ideally and physically united the different industrial identities of ArcelorMittal CLN and CLN Group, here represented by the colleagues of MA.

The big topic of the day focused on the problem of plastic pollution in sea, introduced by the beautiful drawings made by the employees' children. We were supported by the environmental association Marevivo that promoted, in cooperation with our plants, the #EmergenSea campaign through some educational boards. A real contribution for waste reduction and recycle was offered by the inauguration of the plastic bottle and can compactor installed at our facilities.

Safety is close to our heart (the sea too)!