School meets the companies

The CLN Group - in cooperation with ArcelorMittal CLN - has joined the “La Scuola incontra l'Azienda” (School meets the Company) project, promoted by the Agnelli Salesian Institute.
Along with other companies, we participated to a meeting at the  Salesian Institute on February 11, 2016, which topic was, “Alternating between school and work: red tape or future prospects?”, whilst at the same time, a training program which will be carried out by the students in collaboration with our Group was presented.
The project "Alternanza scuola-lavoro” (Alternating School-Work) is a national initiative promoted by the Italian Government (Law 107 of July 13, 2015, named Buona Scuola). The law provides that all students attending the three-year period of their studies have to follow a compulsory route useful for their choice of career after graduation.

Within the project, we dedicated two different moments of training to students of the Industrial Technical Institute.
Dino Bellotto (ArcelorMittal CLN) gave a lecture on steels, general metallurgy concepts, methods of production, up to the main steel products). The second part of the training was held by Filippo Prosa (MA) who presented the sheet metal forming technology, illustrating the stamping cycles, the presses and stamps, up to software simulation with concrete teaching examples.

In addition, the implementation of the “Alternanza scuola-lavoro” project will materialize through internships offered to students of the ITI in their 3rd year for a period of three years/400 hours per person. The internships will take place in the companies of the Group during the summer months.