Tamagnone s.r.l. affixes the blind spot signals


Around a truck there are areas on which the driver, from the driving seat, has no visibility. These areas, commonly called "blind spots", are much more extensive than one can imagine and constitute a serious danger for those who, on foot or in other vehicles, find themselves close to the heavy vehicle.

According to the European Commission, around 400 people lose their lives in Europe every year for this reason.

French legislation has provided for the obligation, for vehicles with a total mass exceeding 3.5 tons, to affix warning signs on all sides of the vehicle in order to warn other road users of the danger present.

Although this obligation is not present in Italy today, Tamagnone s.r.l. has adapted all its vehicles in order to offer a greater level of safety to those who are close to them in traffic.

Also in this case, safety is at the heart of our work.