On June 22nd, the “Health and Safety Days 2024” tour landed in Condove. This third event involved the workers of AMCLN Caselette and Alpignano sites; of MA Condove, Rivoli and Chivasso sites; of MWI Rivoli site; of CTL S.r.l. and Tamagnone S.r.l.


On May 10th, the second stage of the "Health and Safety Days 2024" tour was at the Fontanellato site, involving all the workers of the AMCLN Group plants.

In this second event, in addition to the workers from the Fontanellato site, those from the Osimo and Marcon sites also participated.

The last two stages will be held in Condove (TO) and Atella (PZ).

Also during this day, the attention of all participants was drawn to the principles of the culture of health, safety and the environment, fundamental cornerstones for the AMCLN Group.


On April 5th, the first of four "Health and Safety Days 2024" was held at the Monza site, involving all workers of the AMCLN Group plants.

At this first event, in addition to the workers of the Monza site, those of the AMCLN Group companies Delna S.p.A. and Tamagnone S.r.l. also participated.

The next three stages will be held at the sites of Fontanellato (PR), Condove (TO) and Atella (PZ).

The Health and Safety Days are moments of great importance to draw the attention of all participants to the principles of health and safety culture.


In 2023 AMCLN reduced the environmental impact also thanks to rail transport for the north and from the beginning of 2024 it also implemented the train solution for the central south.

Less CO2 generated in 2023, decrease of approximately 470 tons, and further reduction in the future !




25 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, established in 1999 in memory of all victims.

This day aims to raise awareness of the many forms of violence that women suffer every day: feminicide, psychological, economic, sexual, linguistic violence, wage inequality.


The 73rd National Day for Victims of Accidents at Work will be celebrated on 8 October 2023.

ANMIL, the Italian National Association of Mutilated and Disabled Workers, organizes awareness events throughout Italy. Safety at work is always a priority.

This is the official link: ANMIL



We publish below the Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation (1st September 2023):




1st September 2023


Dear brothers and sisters!


After a "pause" due to the COVID pandemic, we have finally resumed the organisation of Safety Days, a tool to keep the culture of Health and Safety alive among the employees.

On 10 June the Safety Day was held in the Condove plant for the Piedmont plants of CLN Group.


Today June 5th is World Environment Day.

We have always been sensitive to the environment and is committed to reducing plastic pollution and raising awareness among employees and collaborators.


We would like to bring to your attention the booklet Our common Home: A guide to caring for our living planet.

It has been promoted by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

It is available in several languages and can be downloaded from this link:


World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2023 will be celebrated according to the theme: "A healthy and safe working environment is a fundamental and fair principle at work"

More than 2.3 million people die each year as a result of work-related injuries and occupational diseases. In Italy, reports of accidents at work in 2022 increased by 25.7% compared to the year 2021!

It is important to make everyone… workers, employers, institutions… aware of the essential right of a safe, inclusive and sustainable work environment.



March 8 is International Women’s Day - a global day of celebration which takes place annually as a focal point in the women's rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women. A focus on gender equity needs to be part of every company’s DNA – so let us all in CLN Group take some time today to celebrate and promote the achievements of women, and commit to continue to work together towards gender equality. 



We publish below the Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation (1 September 2022)




Always aiming at sustainability, ArcelorMittal CLN contributed to the projects of the KilometroVerdeParma Forestry Consortium: the Schools WeTree project and the Forestry project in the city of Parma and the province .

The WeTree project, designed for schools of all levels, aims to raise awareness and inform students about the importance and value of perennial forests and urban greenery for the community.


CLN Group and ArcelorMittal CLN Distribuzione Italia support the Unesco serial candidacy for the Sacra di San Michele (Saint Michael's Abbey) “Gli insediamenti benedettini altomedievali in Italia” (“The early medieval Benedictine settlements in Italy”).

The Press Conference to present this project is scheduled for Tuesday 28 June 2022 at the Polytechnic of Turin.



Around a truck there are areas on which the driver, from the driving seat, has no visibility. These areas, commonly called "blind spots", are much more extensive than one can imagine and constitute a serious danger for those who, on foot or in other vehicles, find themselves close to the heavy vehicle.

According to the European Commission, around 400 people lose their lives in Europe every year for this reason.


On April 22 we celebrate the EARTH DAY 2021.

This anniversary is more and more important: the health of our planet is increasingly compromised and the climate crisis is increasingly serious.

This year's theme is "Restore our Planet" because while it is important to reduce the environmental impact, on the other we must also try to remedy the damage caused to the Earth up to now.


Dear Customers,

considering the recent episodes of Coronavirus faced in our country, with this note we would like to reassure you that we are taking all precautionary measures in contiguity with the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 21.2.2020, in accordance with the information received from the Public Health Authorities and in coordination with our own competent doctor.

Specifically, the company has disclosed to all its staff a press release containing provisions:


The 2019 edition of the Health and Safety Day organized by the Osimo and Cassino plants was hosted by the Lega del filo d'oro association. 


On May 3rd, the plants of Fontanellato, Graffignana and Granarolo celebrated the 2019 Health and Safety Day. The colleagues of the MA plant in Anzola attended the event too.